Thursday, August 14, 2008

August 14th Update

I won't provide an update every day until after the convention, this will be more of a "when I get around to it" process. I'll try to post a new map every week -- I didn't bother in this case since Ohio is the only change.

Today's tally is Obama 298 to Mccain 240.

Same bad news for Mccain, good news for Obama. Obama has multiple paths to win -- basically if he wins the states he is heavily favored plus any of the battlegrounds he wins. He has a high-end potential of 354 EV's with all the battlegrounds. Mccain needs everything that he is leaving plus ALL of the battlegrounds, including Nevada, Ohio and even Colorado, which may well be the key to this election.

Changes today:
Ohio move from Tie to Obama. It also downgrades from "Key" to "Substantial" battleground -- Obama has reclaimed a narrow lead in a number of polls and adds 20 EV's to his column.
Nevada upgraded from substantial to key battleground -- it stays in Obama's camp barely but as posted yesterday, Obama's underperformance with Hispanics make this less of a lock than it should be for him.
Missouri moves from potential to fringe battleground. I still think this is probable Mccain country, but some projections show it even now.
North Carolina moves from potential to fringe battleground. If Obama wins here, he will win the election in a landslide.

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