Sunday, September 19, 2010

Obama Approval: More of the Same, Is Alaska In Play?

Obama Continues to Slide
Absent one month where his numbers were flat month on month (September 2009) and one month where he posted an approval increase (May 2010), it has been a slow, steady decline in President Obama's numbers, and the past month has been no different. His decline is interesting, as it does not appear to be driven by finite events (such as a scandal or particular issue), but more a slow decline as people increasingly become disappointed with the government response to the recession, it's treatment of the deficit, the tone in Washington, or whatever else is on people's minds this year.

His numbers for September show him as modestly unpopular, not as bad as in the media, but far more concerning than the absolute numbers is the continued trend. His numbers show no signs of upward movement and continued decline makes his bully pulpit smaller and smaller.

Democrat in Alaska?
Could Democrats actually win in Alaska? With Tea Partier Joe Miller as their nominee and Lisa Murkowski running as a write-in, it's certainly possible...

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