Sunday, March 21, 2010

Debate Underway, Point of Order on Unfunded Mandate Being Debated, Update on Vote Tally

2:18 PM
All the preliminary votes are done. The GOP is raising a point of order around unfunded mandates and the budgetary rules of the House, which appears to spark the need for another vote, which should happen in about 20 minutes.

The votes continue, with undecideds breaking in both directions:
GOP -- all 177 in opposition
Democrats -- 254 total, 205 for, 35 against, 14 undecided
Vote total: 212 opposed, 205 in favor, 14 undecided

The Stupak "gang of 6" is still counted in the opposed column, until I hear something formal differently, although rumors are flying that they may be on board.

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