Sunday, March 21, 2010

Reconciliation Bill Passed, Health Care in the House is Done

11:42 PM
The House has passed the bill of reconciliation "fixes" 220-211. Interestingly, this is one vote more than for passage of the Senate bill, meaning that there is one Democrat that voted against the Senate bill but then voted for the reconciliation bill.

The Senate bill will now move to the President's desk, be signed early this week, and become law.

The reconciliation fixes now move to the Senate, which Majority Leader Reid has said will take the bill up this week. The Senate fight over reconciliation hasn't received a lot of attention so far, with all eyes on the House, but that is about to change. Reid will have to figure out a way to manage the bill through an onslaught of GOP amendments designed to pick off Democratic votes and make the bill different from the bill the House passed, forcing the House to take the issue back up. But that is a fight for another day.

Almost 11 hours after the House gaveled open this rare Sunday session, it is finally done with the business of health care. The House is voting on two unrelated bills now, which are not particularly interesting, so I'm calling it a night. President Obama is slated to make a statement in a few minutes for the true die-hards.

More on the Senate action this week.

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