Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Last Post of the Night

The Democrats claim the California and Hawaii Senate seats, as expected. This brings their total to 50 seats...enough to retain their majority.

There are six seats theoretically still in play: Pennsylvania, Illinois, Nevada, Washington, Colorado and Alaska. I expect the GOP to win in PA, IL, NV and CO, although all 4 are close and NV and CO in particular are still early enough in the voting that they could swing. I expect Patty Murray to prevail in WA, although, again, this is early. And AK is most likely a race between two people who would caucus with the GOP, although there is still an outside chance at a Democratic miracle there. All told, I still project all of my Senate predictions from last night will hold.

The size of the House majority will be determined overnight and in the weeks to come.

Congratulations to the GOP on their victory in the House and their gains in the Senate. Let's hope for more cooperation and compromise in Washington in the next 2 years, whether out of conviction on the party of the two parties or simply out of survival instinct.

Every election I note this, but it bears repeating every year. Democracy is an absolute miracle in this country. The peaceful execution of elections and transfer of power between the parties is a wonder to behold and something that we should never take for granted.

God Bless America.

Good night everyone and thanks for reading....full results rundown tomorrow and my usual score cards on my projections later in the week (after results are a little more finalized.)

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