Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Down to 19,000 Votes

It usually doesn't fail - when I start to express self-doubt, results immediately start to prove out my initial hypothesis.

The margin in the Virginia Governor's race is down to 19,000 votes or 1.1% with 17% of the vote left to count.  The win, Terry McAullife would need to carry 6.5% more of the remaining vote than Ken Cuccinelli, a seemingly very achievable feat, given that Fairfax County is still only at 55% reporting.

Still looks like a McAullife win, although I doubt he will make the 3-4% margin that I had been professing.

Chris Christie's early margin is 17%, but with only a small percent of the vote in.

Oh, by the way, Bill DeBlasio has won, in the biggest no brainer of the night.

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