Tuesday, November 5, 2013

McAullife Takes the Lead - I'm Calling It

I wanted to see McAullife cross the zero line before I called it, but I'm very comfortable going out ahead of the networks and declaring McAullife the next Governor of Virginia.

The margin will likely ultimately be in the 1-2% range as his margin has slipped somewhat from the initial returns that showed his numbers more in line with President Obama's performance.

But, I can't see any way back for Cuccinelli with 91% of the vote in, McAullife sitting on the right side of the lead (albeit narrowly) and 29% of the vote still left to count in Fairfax County.

Full analysis later in the week on all the races, but in the end:
(1) Christie cruised to victory easily, as expected.  Looks to be at least a 20 point win.
(2) Bill DeBlasio won in an essential non-race.  He leads by 38 points in the early going, but that could go up or down some as the early results are likely not representative.  Results are in line with expectations.
(3) Terry McAullife wins more narrowly than anticipated.  The big question coming out of this week is - why?

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