Tuesday, November 4, 2008

High Early Turnout, Obama Leads Popular Vote 15 to 6

Polls are now open in 26 states. More polls open in about half an hour.

From all the news pictures, it appears turnout in the key battleground states (Indiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Virginia) have long early morning lines and early turnout appears to be high. Good for Obama, likely.

In the votes counted so far, Obama leads 15-6. No, those aren't millions and they aren't electoral votes. They are from the one tiny town in New Hampshire that all vote together at midnight and then immediately count the vote. Probably insignificant, but notably that town has not voted for a Democrat in 40 years and voted for Obama by a better than 2:1 margin.

Hopefully everyone is getting out to vote. I'm going to go about 9 AM after the morning rush dies down, although I still expect to wait in line.

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