Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Just Voted, Hopefully Everyone Else Does Too

Polls are now open in all of the 48 lower states and in the District of Columbia. Only Hawaii and Alaska are yet to open.

I justed voted in Marlton, New Jersey. No line at all in the polling place although business was brisk. I missed the early morning rush, but this typifies the disparity between upper-middle class neighborhoods and poorer neighborhoods in terms of voting resources. While it is great that I was able to vote in 5 minutes, it is a shame that others, especially those least able to get time off from work, are not afforded the same opportunity.

One new poll of note -- a Zogby poll just released shows Obama up by 11% in Nevada. It is odd to see movement when 60 to 70% of the state has already voted, so this may be an outlier, but it certainly confirms that Obama is a heavy favorite to win there.