Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Am Sick of Stump Speeches

Anyone else out there share my feelings? There is nothing more annoying than watching a news network running a story of interest and they break away to watch a live candidate event. Guess what? They give the same speech at every stop! I could recite both candidates stump speeches by rote at this point.

So, in seeing John McCain's stump speech for the 200th time, my questions are:
Senator McCain, can you quit telling me that I will know the names of pork-barrel spenders and just name a few? How did you finish in the beauty pagent if you didn't get Miss Congeniality?

Oh well -- probably the last time I will see either one of them give their stump speech -- I guess I should relish it.

4 more hours until polls close in Virginia and we can get some actual results.

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