Tuesday, November 4, 2008

One Late-Coming National Poll Shows It Closer

A late entrant to the "day of election" national poll release is the Battleground poll. It actually shows two projections, one with Obama winning by 2%, one with Obama winning by 5%. These are the two lowest totals of any polls released in the last two days.

Should this give us pause about whether Obama will win? It definitely shows that nobody knows exactly what will happen. But somehow I doubt one poll showing a closer race makes McCain a likely winner. He still has been behind in every single national poll since September 25th. He still trails in critical battleground states and needs a miracle run the table to win.

I wouldn't change my projection anyway (as I said before I think it is silly to be "projecting" an event after it starts), but even if I would, I wouldn't. I think our final projection from yesterday still looks spot on both in terms of popular and electoral vote.

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