Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lines Die Down, Signs of Dirty Pool

Most of the surge of early morning lines appear to have abated during working hours. This may be an indicator that turnout is not as incredibly high as some of us anticipated early this morning, or it may simply be a sign that a lot of people voted early in many states and many are working right now. We'll see if it picks up this afternoon and evening as people get off work. Long lines at poll closure time could lead to delays in getting voting results as by law in mos states, people in line at the poll closure time will be allowed to vote.

There have been several reports of misinformation being put out there via phone -- phone calls from people claiming to be associated with the voting registrar telling people that due to volume their voting date has been changed. This is the worst kind of scummy -- hopefully most people are smart enough that these techniques won't work and I hope they find some of the people behind this and they go to jail for a long time.

I assume that John McCain and Sarah Palin have voted by this point, although I evidentally was not watching coverage when it happened. I know McCain has scheduled events in New Mexico and Colorado, so presumably he voted near when the polls opened.

Looks like all the pre-election polls have been released, as nothing of note has come out in the past several hours.

John McCain is continuing to slide downward in Intrade. The latest odds have him as a 13:1 underdog, his worst position of the race.

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