Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Latest Line

In NY-23, with 87% of the vote in Owens leads Hoffman by 3.7%. This race has not been called by the networks yet, but I feel comfortable enough with so few votes yet to call this an extremely likely Democratic Pick-up. It may not be certified until later on as there are reportedly 8,700 absentee ballots to count, which is more than the likely margin of victory.

In Maine, it's tight, but it looks more likely than not that voters have rejected gay marriage, with a margin of 3.8% for repealing the gay marriage law with 74% of the vote in.

In Washington State it is too early to call, but early signs show some indication that voters will approve "gay marriage without the name", with the initiative leading by 3.6% with 45% of the votes in.

These close races may not get called tonight, but I'll have complete analysis later in the week.

My final thoughts on the evening next.

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